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What is Special about Metal Roofing?

Metal Roofing Provides Numerous Benefits

It is easy to overlook the roof of the house; however, it is critical to think carefully about how a roof is going to impact the integrity of a home. Roof damage can quickly leak throughout the rest of the building, leading to an expensive repair bill. While there are many roofing options from which to choose, one of the most popular is metal roofing. Metal has been proven to be one of the most durable roofing options out there. With proper maintenance, metal roofing will last for decades while also providing protection against some of the biggest hazards that threaten a home. 

Metal Roof

Protect Against Combustion

First, metal roofing is going to provide flame resistance. Other roofing options, such as wood, are combustible. This means that fires can start and spread quickly. Fire damage has the potential to burn homes from top to bottom in short order. With a metal roof, firefighters will have more time to respond to a blaze, putting it out while minimizing any potential damage to the home. Metal roofs are the top option when it comes to fire resistance.

Guard Against Wind Damage

Next, metal roofing also protects against wind damage. Metal roofs are constructed with interlocking panels. These panels provide additional wind resistance. When the panels lock together, each panel provides support for the panels adjacent to it. This makes it much harder for pieces of the roof to fly away, even in hurricane-force winds. Therefore, anyone who lives in areas of the country that might be exposed to severe storms (including hurricanes) should invest in metal roofing.

Keep Precipitation Out of the Home

Finally, metal roofing also provides significant resistance against precipitation. Unlike other types of roofs, hail is not going to penetrate metal roofs. Not only does this protect valuable property underneath the roof but it also prevents holes from being punched in the roof that would otherwise lead to leaks. In addition, metal roofs also come with concealed fasteners that are going to improve its tightness when it comes to water damage. Because metal roofs are built with such extreme tightness, it is nearly impossible for water to leak through the roof. This provides added resistance against storms. For these reasons, metal roofing options provide superior precipitation resistance.

Invest in Metal Roofing Today with ADCO Metals

In addition to these benefits, metal roofing also comes in a variety of colors and styles that can be tailored to meet almost any personal preference. Anyone who is looking for metal roofs, sheeting, or accessories in the local area should rely on ADCO metals. Everyone from homeowners to professional contractors has been relying on ADCO for their roofing needs for years. With personalized service that has been tailored to meet the needs of the individual, ADCO metals will assist everyone with their roofing needs. Call now for a no-obligation quote on your next roofing project! It would be our honor to help you with all of your metal roofing needs. 

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