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The Benefits of Buying American Made Metal Buildings

We’ve all seen it a million times, that little raised imprint on cheap plastic toys, gadgets, and tools that say, “Made in China.” Once upon a time, it was more common to see labels that said “Made in Taiwan,” or “Made in Mexico.” Before the late 90s, American manufacturing was strong, but since then it’s been on a decline. That’s beginning to turn around right now, and an important reason why is more people are buying American made products.

American Made

There are many reasons to buy American made. When you buy American made products your money stays within the country, enriching our nation rather than impoverishing it. By supporting American manufacturers, you help guarantee that service is easier to obtain. Buying American also ensures that the company that takes your money supports dignified working conditions for their employees. Many foreign manufacturers are under little to no regulatory pressure to treat their workers with respect, pay them fair wages- or even let them go home at the end of the day.

You’re probably aware that Apple Computers factories in China had to install “suicide nets” outside their windows to catch sweatshop workers who were trying to escape the hideous working conditions there. When you buy American made products, you can rest assured that you are not supporting abysmal work conditions like those.

Reasons to Buy American

Buying American;

  • Creates more jobs for your fellow citizens
  • Reduces shipping costs which is better for the environment
  • Supports humane working conditions for manufacturing employees
  • Ensures unsafe levels of lead and other toxic substances are not used in the manufacturing process
  • Keeps our economy strong
  • Comes with the benefit of American-quality craftsmanship

Buying American Means Buying Quality

American manufacturers have earned a reputation for quality. This is particularly true in the area of steel and other metal products. Americans like things that last and American craftsmen love to turn out high-quality products that they can take pride in.

Here at ADCO Metals in Lacombe, LA, and Carriere, MS- that describes us to a tee. We take great pride in producing top quality metal buildings and roofs that will last for decades- or even for generations with proper care.

We produce durable and good looking metal structures in a wide range of styles, sizes, and configurations. They can be made to fulfill any number of roles, including;

  • Vehicle or equipment storage
  • Auxiliary office space
  • Housing for livestock or pets
  • Add-on or satellite housing
  • And so much more!

But most importantly, when you choose ADCO metals to build, deliver, and assemble you get the ADCO quality promise that you just won’t get anywhere else. You will almost certainly not get the same level of quality from a foreign manufacturer who has little motivation to guarantee your satisfaction. Also, when you work with us, we guarantee complete cleanup after your metal structures are complete. There’s no dirty-work left over for you to do- ever!

Here at ADCO, we love building beautiful metal structures that improve the value of your property and make the communities we serve better places to live in.

Get in touch today to learn more about the ADCO quality guarantee.