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Pole Barns are an inexpensive way to get the building you need without the high cost

What is a Pole Barn and how it is constructed?

A pole barn is a unique structure designed to provide something as simple as extra storage space and something as complex as a horse barn. It can provide a number of different layouts to serve various purposes, and it can even be finished to become an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property.

The structural frame of a pole building is made of tree trunksutility poleslumber or chemically pressure treated squared timbers which may be buried in the ground or anchored to a concrete slab. Buried posts have the benefit of providing lateral stability, so no braces are needed. Buried posts may be driven into the ground or set in holes then filled with soil, crushed stone, or concrete.

Pole buildings may not have walls but be open shelters, such as for farm animals or equipment or for use as picnic shelters.  They can also be enclosed have exterior curtain walls formed by girts fastened to the exterior of the posts.  Siding materials for a pole building are most commonly used.  However, any standard siding can be used, including T1-11, vinyl, lap siding, cedar and even brick. The floor may be dirt, concrete slab, or framed of wood.  Because the framing is horizontal to the posts, you can make the structure as large as you want while still maintaining its sturdiness and reliability.

A pole barn built by ADCO Metals

What are pole barns used for?

Pole Buildings are used for residential, commercial and agricultural purposes.  Residential Pole Barnes are used for:  garages, boats, carports, workshop buildings, RV storage buildings, pole barn cabins, hobby buildings and pole barn homes.  Commercial:  Shop buildings, warehouses, airplane hangars, rental buildings, fire stations, churches, picnic shelters, and small corporate offices with attached shops or storage buildings. Agricultural:  Farm buildings, barn kits, horse barns, roof only pole barns, green houses, and grow house buildings. Poles have become posts of squared-off, pressure-treated timbers. These structures have the potential to replicate the functionality of other buildings, but can be more affordable and require less time to construct.

Roofing styles

Many times the roof structure can dictate the general style of the building. A carriage style building has an open-sided run-in stall that’s only open on one side and enclosed on the other three. You could also choose a classic barn-style gambrel roofline that has a more traditional appeal.

Why leave it to the Professionals?

As far as economical building is concerned, you will save money because of the pre-fabricated materials and the shortened construction time. Choose the professionals at ADCO Metals to help you save money on all your Pole Barn needs.

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