Sem-Lok Standing Seam Panels

ADCO Metals Sem-Lok standing seam panels are the quality choice for your roofing needs. As a leader in commercial and residential roofing supplies throughout Covington, LA, we use only the most trusted materials on the market. We put our trust in Sem-Lok, because we know you put your trust in us.

Sem-Lok is a highly sought after, and cost-effective standing seam roofing system that provides a smooth, fastener-free look to your final project. It offers superior wind and weather resistance and comes in a large variety of colors.

ADCO Metals Sem-Lok Specs

  • Sem-Lok is ideal for residential, architectural, light commercial and industrial applications
  • Panel profile: 15/16″ rib height x 16″ width panel
  • Panel style: Concealed fastener, snap lock standing steam
  • Gauge – 24 gauge/26 gauge
  • Substrate – Galvalume steel sheet, AZ50, conforming to ASTM A792 for all panels
  • Texture: Flat, ribbed (default), striations
  • Finishes: Semcoat Plus Kynar
  • Bare AZ-50 Acrylic Gavalume


Sem-Lok comes in brilliant colors, including:

  • Brick red
  • Chamois tan (26 gauge only)
  • Copper penny
  • Hartford green
  • Onyx gray
  • Patina green (26 gauge only)
  • Regal blue
  • Regal white
  • Silver dollar
  • Slate Bronze
  • Slate Gray


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