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Corrugated Metal Roofing & Siding Panels

Having long been used in agricultural settings, corrugated metal roofing and corrugated siding panels have come a long way, and are now used outside of rural areas. In fact, corrugated roofing and siding panels are often used with restaurants, retail stores and other commercial buildings as a way to add a traditional look to a structure.

At ADCO Metals, we provide Covington, LA with the most comprehensive selection of corrugated roofing and siding panels.

What is Corrugated metal?

Corrugated roofs and side panels are made of metal sheets (usually galvanized steel, but can also be aluminum and stainless steel sheets), shaped into ridges or waves. After the metal is shaped, the panels are grooved (corrugated), which creates channels that allow water and snow to flow easily off.

Corrugated metal is fire, wind and hail resistant, and is one of the most durable options you have in roofing and side panelling.

Corrugated metal roofs and panels will typically last up to at least 25 years, with most lasting upwards of 60 years, depending on the type of materials used and if the installation was done properly.

Learn more about the benefits of metal roofing here.

Our selection of corrugated metal roofing and siding panels:

ADCO Metals provides the most reliable and aesthetically pleasing corrugated roofing and siding panel found in Covington, LA. All of our roofing and siding panels feature:

  • A warranty of up to 40 years (painted) and 25 years (Acrylic Coated Galvalume). Note – there is no warranty on G90 Galvanized.
  • A minimum slope of 2:12
  • Three types of substrates, including AZ-50 Galvalume (Painted), AZ-55 Galvalume (Acrylic Coated) and G90 Galvanized.
  • 24″ Net Coverage
  • 29 & 26 Gauge
  • Two types of substructures (15/32″ CDX or #2 1×4 Yellow Pine (minimum).

Detailed manuals and installation guides are made available for all of our roofing and siding panels as well.

As a leading provider of corrugated roofing and siding panel throughout Covington, LA, we are certain we have the solution to fit your needs. Come learn why countless other clients turn to us for their roofing and side panel needs. Contact us today.

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