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High-Quality Metal Buildings in Columbia, MS

If you want to give your property a remarkable transformation, choose to build affordable, high-quality metal buildings. Built to last, they allow you to get the most for your money. That’s why our team at ADCO Metals specializes in planning, designing, and installing these structures for our clients. 

Best Styles of Metal Buildings

As your premier metal building supplier, we offer all the best structures you could want for your residential or commercial property, such as:

  • Carports and awnings: Build a structure up to 40 feet wide to cover your driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more.
  • Pole barns: Create a versatile open building with all the space you need for outdoor activities and storage items.
  • Econo and agricultural buildings: Construct a sturdy, lightweight building supported by I-beam columns and web trusses.
  • Rigid-frame buildings: Install a heavy-duty structure with the frame needed to support up to 30-foot bays and many other features.


We have many pre-packaged sizes across all our different building types. Or you can have a custom building created with help from our designers. Just let us know how you’d like to proceed.

Several Ways You Can Use a Metal Building

There’s no match for the sheer versatility of metal buildings, allowing you to put them to work in various ways, such as:

  • Indoor RC car track and store
  • Collector car service facilities
  • Barn and feed storage for your animals
  • Space for your extra tools and inventory
  • Community fitness centers
  • Security buildings
  • Doctor’s office


There’s no wrong way to use your steel buildings. If you have a great purpose for one, we can build it to suit your preferences. We’ll customize the features and finishes as directed, creating a structure built to impress for years to come.

Why Put Up Metal Buildings in Columbia, MS

Our buildings will add value to your property while making your land more functional. The extra space will give you the room to put your plans into action and succeed in all your endeavors.

You can enjoy true peace of mind, too, as our buildings easily withstand the oft-challenging weather conditions in Columbia, MS. Unlike wood, metal has what it takes to keep standing strong despite high winds, heavy rainfall, and the like.

Better yet, metal buildings are affordable yet have the strength and rigidity needed to last a lifetime. So, in the end, you can feel good about making such a smart, eco-friendly investment.

Need a Metal Building on Your Property? Allow ADCO Metals to Help

If you’re seeking someone to build metal buildings on your lot, just look to ADCO Metals. As your premier builder of affordable steel structures, we’re the place to go when you need to upgrade your property.

We go all out to provide our valued customers with outstanding results while working within a four- to six-week timeframe. Plus, we provide constant support throughout the project, so you never have to guess what to expect.

Ready to renovate your property with your preferred metal buildings? Just give us a call at (985) 882-3222, (601) 202-1801, or (601) 798-4600

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