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5-V Roofing Panel

5-V metal roofing panels have long been used on rural buildings, including farm buildings. But more and more residential homeowners are realizing the beauty and durability of 5-V metal roofing, making it a perfect roofing solution for nearly any home. Particularly homes located in Covington, LA, that experience a variety of weather conditions – including prolong sunshine – can benefit from the durability of 5-V metal roofing panels.

Aside from their beauty, 5-V roofing panels are designed with an enhanced “U” or “V” profile, to provide maximum leak resistance.

At ADCO Metals, our 5-V roofing panels are offered in 29 & 26 gauge steel in a variety of colors, including acrylic coated galvalume, and should be installed on solid decking with a minimum slope of 3:12.

ADCO Metals 5-V Roofing Panel Specs

  • A warranty of up to 40 years (painted) and 25 years (Acrylic Coated Galvalume). Note – there is no warranty on G90 Galvanized.
  • A minimum slope of 3:12
  • Three types of substrates, including AZ-50 Galvalume (Painted), AZ-55 (Galvalume (Acrylic Coated) and G90 Galvanized.
  • 24” Net Coverage
  • 24 & 26 Gauge
  • Two types of substructures (15/32” CDX or #2 1×4 Yellow Pine (minimum).

Interested in learning more how 5-V roofing panels could provide the perfect solution for your roofing needs? Contact us today for more information about 5-V roofing panels and to determine if it’s the best solution for your home. We provide 5-V roofing panels for homes of all sizes throughout Covington, LA.

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