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5 Great Agricultural Uses for Metal Buildings

Anyone who works in agriculture knows that equipment, stock, feed, and other assets on a farm are vulnerable to the elements. Getting the most out of these assets – at the most basic level – involves covering them and providing protection from rain, sun, and extreme temperatures. Metal buildings and pole barns are great solutions to this age-old problem.

But, with modern manufacturing techniques and materials technologies, metal buildings have become an affordable, easy to install, and extremely durable option for modern agriculture needs.

metal buildings for agricultural usage

Today’s metal structures are more than just barns. With weather and corrosion-resistant materials, they can easily last for decades. With care, they are almost certain to stay in good condition for generations. Metal structures can be insulated and furnished with interior finishing to make them suitable for even domestic use. What’s more, these advanced agricultural shelters and storage units can easily be fitted with easy to use roll-up doors- and can be built to suit just about any application.

When you work with ADCO Metals, you get custom metal structures built with your choice of features, size, and layout. Best of all, we provide design, delivery, and installation services – and when the job is done, we clean up the build site, leaving you to enjoy your new metal structure with no mess and no fuss.

Here are five ways you can put metal structures to great use on your farm, ranch, or homestead.

5 Great Agricultural Uses for Metal Buildings

Tractor & Equipment Storage

No functional farm can get by without at least one or two pieces of large farming equipment like a tractor, a haymaker, or at least a riding lawnmower. The amount of value you can get out of a high-quality piece of farming machinery is virtually unlimited- especially when you protect your investment with a high-quality metal structure.

Hay & Feed Storage

We don’t have to tell you how expensive it is to feed your working animals, and four-legged helpers that live in and around your house. A high quality, insulated metal building is ideal for storing feed, grain, and hay to make it last as long as nature will allow- so you can get the most out of your stock.

Shelter for Livestock

Cows, goats, chickens, and other farm animals may be much hardier than we are – but they too can benefit from a warm, dry place to take shelter from the wind, rain, and extremes of temperature. You’ll get so much more out of your livestock if they are healthy, well cared for, and feel safe on your farm.

Riding Arenas

Riding in the woods or around an open track is great fun. But if you love riding, you know it would be nice to ride even on days when the weather isn’t cooperating. That’s when a sheltered riding arena is a beautiful thing.

General Storage

Of course, our little list can’t possibly cover all of the many uses you may have on your farm. General storage is always necessary, and a metal building is often the best way to keep your stored goods in good condition.

Get in touch with ADCO Metals today. We deliver and assemble the finest and most versatile metal buildings in the business. Call or find us online today to learn more and schedule your no-obligation estimate.